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All the water you need.

Whether you're looking to save money on bottled spring water or need a new dispenser, look no further than Mountain Springs Bottled Water in Roanoke, Virginia. Mountain Springs is proud to offer all the water you need in one convenient location. We even offer hassle-free water bottle delivery services, so you never have to worry about running out of water again.

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Bottled at the source.

Mountain Springs Bottled Water is a full-service bottled water company specializing in home and office delivery of spring, reverse osmosis, and deionized water. We have been serving the greater Roanoke metropolitan area since 1990. Mountain Springs carries several types of water dispensers, filtration units, and bottled water/coffee combo units to meet your every need. Our water is further filtered at our bottling facility using an absolute filter. We pasteurize our empty water bottles to kill any bacteria inside and outside of the bottles before filling and capping under pressure.

Our Bottling Facility

Our bottling facility is state of the art. In addition, our bottling facility is an active member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), and operates under the authority of the FDA. All of our route trucks are Certified Clean Emission vehicles. The day of smog spewing diesel trucks is over; our new trucks have the lowest emissions in history and increased fuel economy over previous versions.

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